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Reliable Salmonella Testing in Pigs with PrioCHECK® ELISA

Prionics has launched the most reliable ELISA test commercially available for the detection of Salmonella spp. in pigs.

As of 2008, the European Union requires that all pigs at slaughter must be tested for Salmonella. Building on the expertise of the Danish Veterinary Institute, a leader in the control of Salmonella, Prionics now offers the PrioCHECK® Salmonella Ab porcine, a highly reliable test for detecting the presence of Salmonella in pigs.

With the PrioCHECK® Salmonella Ab porcine test, diagnosis of the presence of Salmonella in pigs can be effectively and conveniently detected by testing the animals for Salmonella antibodies in serum or meat juice at slaughter.

Gold standard for Salmonella detection
Denmark is the world leader in controlling Salmonella and has the most stringent regulations in place within the European Union. The Danish Veterinary Institute (DVI) has successfully applied control programs using a diagnostic ELISA method developed in-house. The DVI in-house test is considered by many experts in this field to be the gold standard for Salmonella testing. Until now, this test has not been commercially available.

Prionics is now able to provide its customers with the PrioCHECK® Salmonella Ab porcine, a test that uses the same critical components as the DVI´s Salmonella ELISA test. To ensure highly effective testing and reproducibility, the Prionics test is calibrated periodically by the DVI making the PrioCHECK® Salmonella Ab porcine the most reliable Salmonella ELISA available on the market today. The proven test is fast and simple to apply and is well suited for high throughput systems.

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Posted on May 29, 2008