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Microfoss Connectivity Completes Automation of Microbiological Testing

FOSS now has a new connectivity function for the MicroFoss rapid microbiology testing solution. The connectivity function is available as an add-on as part of the new MicroFoss software version 6.1.1.

The connectivity option marks a major step for the MicroFoss solution in automating traditional microbiological testing.

MicroFoss uses the same principle as traditional microbiological testing, but makes it simpler and faster, reducing the time-to-result from days to hours. Until now, however, results from the MicroFoss have been manually transferred to other computers or LIMS systems. The new connectivity software for MicroFoss can feed results from the MicroFoss analyser directly to a supervisor computer and from here to a LIMS system and any computer on the network.

Results anywhere:
The connectivity option allows results to be monitored from anywhere where there is access to an internet connection.

Swedish dairy producers, Skånemejerier have used MicroFoss with the new connectivity option at a production plant in in Malmø. Laboratory Engineer, Gustavo Moyano says: "With the MicroFoss connectivity viewer function, I can sit anywhere as long as there is a computer and I can check results as they come in."

Early warning:
Mr Moyano also explains that there is a call function that can automatically ring him up if a test shows microbiological activity above predefined limits (an advantage of MicroFoss is that samples which show a lot of microbiological activity register quickly, allowing producers to take rapid action, for example, by stopping raw material entering the production process).

Secure transfer of results:
Another advantage of the connectivity option is that it saves time in handling results and reduces the risk of errors during the manual transfer of numbers. Mr Mayono says, "The transfer of results from MicroFoss to our LIMs system works very well."

The connectivity option is available for all MicroFoss solutions. More information can be obtained using the 'request more details form' at the bottom of this page.

MicroFoss exploits latest technology to reduce the burden on laboratory resources and accelerate the delivery of results essential for food safety and quality. Fast, yet still reliable analysis results help producers to get their products on the supermarket shelves earlier and with confidence. For instance, the time taken for testing coliforms in meat and dairy products can be reduced to twelve hours or less from the twenty four hours it takes with traditional reference methods.

NOTE: This item is from our 'historic' database and may contain information which is not up to date.

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Posted on December 4, 2006