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Five new MicroFoss Coliform applications approved by the AOAC

Five new Coliform applications for MicroFoss have been approved by the Association of Analytical Communities (AOAC) International Research Institute. The applications are for Coliform in chocolate, liquid egg, whole chicken, ground beef and sausage.

The approval was achieved through the AOAC Official Methods Program. The program validates methods of analysis using tested performance characteristics. Methods proposed for validation are tested in separate, independent laboratories under identical conditions. Tests for the new Coliform applications included inclusivity, exclusivity, method comparison, lot-to-lot variation, shelf life and stability and ruggedness and external testing of MicroFoss Coliform vials.

The MicroFoss Coliform applications were found to be considerably faster than the Bacteriological Analytical Manual (BAM) method using violet red vial agar. At the same time, a similar reproducibility and repeatability was demonstrated - indicating a strong correlation between the two methods.

In light of the AOAC approval, MicroFoss offers a significant time-saving alternative to BAM for the approved Coliform applications without compromising accuracy or reliability. Specifically, MicroFoss allows detection of Coliform appearance (quantitatively or qualitatively) in products in less than 14 hours compared to 24 hours with the reference method. And MicroFoss can do this with much less hands-on work.

The approval adds weight to proven MicroFoss results in the field of Coliform testing. The newly approved tests complement existing AOAC approved Coliform tests for a broad range of meat and dairy products.

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Posted on February 16, 2004