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Foss Subsidiaries Merge

In October, 2003, two of FOSS subsidiaries, FOSS Electric and FOSS Tecator, will merge to form one company.

Aimed at ensuring long term growth of the FOSS organisation, the merger will create a single centre of excellence for the development, manufacturing and marketing of FOSS Dedicated Analytical Solutions for food and agriculture worldwide. 'This internal merger will keep us in the best possible shape to serve our customers in the years to come,' says Peter Foss, President, FOSS A/S.

That's a thought echoed by Torben Ladegaard, Managing Director of the new organisation. 'Joining forces is in the best interest of our customers,' says Torben Ladegaard. 'FOSS Electric and FOSS Tecator have worked together successfully on projects for several years. By formalising the teamwork between skilled staff in both Sweden and Denmark we expect a significant synergistic effect in areas such as product development, production, marketing and customer support.'

The new subsidiary company will operate from two main sites in the Oresund region of Southern Scandinavia: In Hillerød, Denmark and Höganäs in Sweden.

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Posted on September 27, 2003