Over 750 Fully Searchable
Microbiology Products on New Free CD

Fluka Microbiology Products CD More than 750 Microbiology Products! This 4th edition replaces more than the old manual - it is a highly sophisticated search tool.

The CD contains a lot of new features!
  • Advanced search engine - search for media by application, organisms, names and many other features
  • Print detailed product information
  • Application information
  • Directions for use
  • Required additives
  • Test strains
  • Test principle
  • References, literature
This excellent tool is free of charge!*
Just order online: www.sigma-aldrich.com/microbiology_cd
*The stock of this CD is limited! You will receive your FREE Microbiology CD as long as it is available.

NOTE: This item is from our 'historic' database and may contain information which is not up to date.

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Posted on January 28, 2008