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Masterclear™ Cap Strips and Real-Time PCR Tube Strips Improve Sensitivity and Reproducibility

Masterclear™ Cap Strips and real-time PCR Tube Strips from Eppendorf optimise light transmission and bring all the benefits of white reflective wells to the PCR tube format.

The white wells of Eppendorf's real-time PCR Tube Strips significantly increase the fluorescence signal, compared with clear or frosted wells, and reduce the interference of the thermal block. The result is improved sensitivity and reproducibility in real-time PCR experiments, which may enable the number of replicates to be reduced.

The inverted dome design of Masterclear Cap Strips prevents scratching or contamination of the optical surface, while the extremely thin transmission windows ensure transmission values greater than 90 per cent for wavelengths above 500 nm, with low variance. The increase in fluorescence signal can thus be distinguished from background noise at an earlier time point.

These new products will benefit all real-time PCR applications, with particular advantages in three areas: detection of low copy genes, when using reagents with weak fluorescence signals, and in low volume real-time PCR assays. By reducing the vapour volume inside PCR tubes and plates, Masterclear Cap Strips enable reaction volumes to be reduced to as low as 2.5 µl in standard PCR tubes, therefore saving on reagent costs. Eppendorf real-time PCR Tube Strips feature an extremely thin wall for optimal heat transfer, making them ideal for fast real-time PCR protocols.

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Posted on December 12, 2008