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New PCR Tube Strips and Masterclear® Cap Strips from Eppendorf

Eppendorf has launched new real-time PCR consumables, broadening the product range for real-time PCR applications. The new tube strips consist of 8 connected tubes, made of white polypropylene to increase fluorescence reflection. Thus, these consumables have the same characteristics as the twin.tec real-time PCR plates.

The Masterclear® Cap Strips are cap strips of 8 connected caps with 2 main advantages:

1. The optic window of the caps show very good transmission of light, i.e. excitation light and fluorescence pass through the cap much more effectively. Reaching a transmission level of > 90%, technical data shows superior transmission compared to competitive products.

2. The caps have an inverted dome, i.e. the optic window is lowered by several millimeters.This prevents scratching of the optic window and reduces the volume of the tubes or wells.

Both products are designed to guarantee a tight seal and a perfect fit. However, both the tubes and the caps can be used with a variety of other PCR consumables. The Masterclear® cap strips also fit on a variety of PCR plates, including twin.tec PCR plates with 96 wells and twin.tec real-time PCR plates with 96 wells.

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Posted on November 11, 2008