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Reduced Evaporation Improves PCR Results

Evaporation of water from the mastermix will change the specificity and efficiency of any PCR. Heated cycler lids and heat sealing of plates are established technologies to reduce evaporation. Now Eppendorf has launched a PCR cycler with a new technology to further reduce evaporation. The Mastercycler pro covers the PCR plate with a fluid-filled cushion instead of a solid plate. This guarantees a snug fit to the plate and brings down evaporation considerably, especially at the rim and in the corner wells of the cycler.

The proprietary vapo.protect™ technology reduces evaporation to a minimum. Therefore, concentrations in your PCR master mix remain consistent leading to stable and reproducible specificity. Non-specific binding is minimized beyond importance.

The extremely high heating and cooling rates of the Mastercycler pro S give you the speed you need. Unsurpassed speed can be achieved with Eppendorf´s Impulse PCR, a device driven hot-start function that increases heating rates to 8 °C/s.

Eppendorf´s Mastercycler pro offers ultimate flexibility:
  • choose from three block formats

  • operate the Mastercycler pro in three different configurations

  • use any plate, tube or strip you want

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Posted on August 19, 2008