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MAS-100 CG Ex™ Air Sampler for Contamination in Compressed Gases

MAS-100 CG Ex

The MAS-100 CG Ex™ is for use when there is a need to test compressed gases for microbial contamination.

Utilizing two sensors, one to measure mass flow and the other for pressure, the unit collects samples under the pressure of the gas supply. The MAS-100 CG™ Ex samples at two constant flow rates, 100 L/min and 50 L/min for low flow applications. The system will sample gas at a pressure range between 1.5 bar to 10 bar. Compressed gas is directed through a perforated plate onto the 100mm Petri dish. After sampling of the required volume of gas, a gradual decompression occurs automatically, preventing any sudden pressure change, avoiding possible damage to the recovery of microorganisms. After decompression the Petri dish is removed and incubated.

The MAS-100 GC Ex is the only compressed gas microbial air sampler approved for use in Zone 2 explosion hazard areas. It is calibrated with compressed air. Due to our unique mass flow sensor technology, only a mathematical correction factor is required to sample other gases. There is no need to calibrate for specific gases. The unit is pre-programmed for compressed air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon gas, and a total of 10 gas protocols can be programmed and stored in the unit.

The MAS-100 CG Ex™ makes compressed gas sampling easy and accurate. The automated collection process saves time and eliminates the awkward manipulations required with manual methods.

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Posted on March 2, 2005