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MAS-100 Eco™ Air Sampler for Food & Beverage Industry

MAS-100 Eco Air Sampler

The MAS-100 Eco™ offers an economical alternative to the highly acclaimed MAS-100™ sampler. Designed specifically with the food and beverage industry in mind, the unit offers an easy, low cost method for microbial air monitoring. This lightweight unit, like all our systems, uses standard 100mm Petri dishes, which means you can use the same media used in your lab. No re-validation is necessary. The handle doubles as a stand to allow different angles for testing and the perforated lids are interchangeable with our other aluminum models.

Internal software is easily accessed and controlled using single touch "yes and no" responses and pre-programmed volumes assure reproducible results. The unit is pre-calibrated but re-calibration can be handled with the addition of our DA-100 Digital Anemometer.

EMD has the most comprehensive calibration and service program available for microbial air sampling. We use state of the art instrumentation and our system is calibrated directly by NIST which puts any calibration we do for you only one link away from the primary NIST flow measurement standard. There is simply no higher level of accuracy available than NIST itself!

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Posted on September 27, 2004