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High-Throughput Microarray Diagnostics Platform Enables Easy, Efficient Analysis

Signature Genomic Laboratories, LLC and SciGene have successfully developed a method for processing the SignatureChip® technology using SciGene’s microarray automation and ozone control systems.

According to Kyle Sundin, Laboratory Supervisor, "With over 200 patient samples submitted each week for microarray analysis, we needed to streamline our workflow. We needed to reduce the number of steps required for manual processing of our SignatureChip® to meet our high- throughput goals. During the past year, we validated and integrated SciGene microarray processing systems into our testing laboratory. We have reduced our equipment needs and have improved overall quality. The SciGene systems are now an indispensable part of our operation and support our rapidly growing molecular diagnostics business."

SciGene President, Jim Stanchfield, Ph.D. said, "Our mission is to create tools that make working with microarrays simple and reliable. This is essential when using microarrays in diagnostics applications. Our experience with Signature Genomics shows that we can deliver advanced technologies today for the molecular diagnostics community to perform routine and efficient microarray analysis."

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Posted on April 19, 2007