Rapid, Selective Separation of Legionella From Water Samples

For rapid and selective separation of Legionella species from cooling towers, evaporative condensers or domestic or hot cold water sources, try Dynabeads® anti-Legionella for separation of Legionella species (L. pneumophila including serogroup 1, L. bozemanii, L. brunensis, L. dumoffii, L. micdadei & L. anisa)

Features and Benefits:
Substantially cleaner plates
Impressive recovery - as low as 100 cfu/ml of viable L. pneumophila from a clean water test sample
Selective separation - manually or automated using the BeadRetriever™
Automated testing - minimize exposure of laboratory personnel to Legionella no need for in-process manipulations
Multiple sample sources - works equally well with acid-, heat- or untreated samples - Ideal for use with samples from cooling towers, evaporative condensers or domestic hot or cold water sources.

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Source : Dynal Biotech Ltd. [United Kingdom]
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Posted on May 23, 2005