New Infectious Diseases and Toxin Monoclonal Antibodies Available from Meridian Life Sciences

Meridian Life Science, ® Inc. (MLS), a high quality supplier of antigens and antibodies, now has available 26 new specificities in 7 different product lines. Specification Sheets on each of these new products are available upon request.

In Infectious Diseases and Toxins, two MAbs have been added that are specific for the nonstructural protein of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus (Catalog # C01452M and C01450M) and two MAbs that recognize Foot and Mouth Disease Virus serotype 01 (Catalog # C01449M and C01448M). We have added two new clones, Catalog # C01442M and C01443M, that recognize Influenza A Nonstructural Protein (NS1). Our new Catalog # C01454M is a MAb to Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). We have added 3 clones to Salmonella virchow, Catalog # C01445M, Catalog # C01446M and C01147M. The last two are specific for Salmonella virchow LPS. Finally, Catalog # C01451M is a MAb to Staphylococcus epidermidis.

This month we have also introduced two new proteins in Infectious Diseases & Toxins. Catalog # R01295 is a Recombinant Trichomonas vaginalis p65 adhesive protein and Catalog # R01296 is a Recombinant Neisseria gonorrhoeae Outer Membrane Protein, porin.

NOTE: This item is from our 'historic' database and may contain information which is not up to date.

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Posted on January 16, 2009