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BIOMIC® V3 Automates the Quality Control of ID Panels

The BIOMIC® V3 Microbiology System now instantly reads and interprets the Quality Control of species identification (ID) test panels based on proposed CLSI M50-P guidelines. This provides an efficient and standardized means to record ID QC results.

Color digital images of QC panels are instantly displayed and interpreted on-screen. BIOMIC V3 automates all varieties of RapID (Remel), API (bioMerieux), BBL Crystal (BD) panels.

BIOMIC V3 also automates antibiotic disk (AST) QC testing based on CLSI M2 and M100 guidelines. A range of ID and AST QC summary reports following CLSI and CAP requirements facilitate laboratory inspections.

BIOMIC V3 serves as a primary or complimentary AST-ID system for microbiology laboratories of all sizes and setups. Since 1984, Giles Scientific has successfully placed its microbiology systems in 50+ countries.

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Posted on November 14, 2007