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Automated QC Testing and Reporting for Kirby Bauer Tests

BIOMIC V3's color image analysis instantly reads, interprets, and records Quality Control (QC) and routine testing for antibiotic disk (Kirby Bauer) testing. This improves consistency, accuracy and speed of reading, eliminating personal interpretation and transcription errors. An extensive list of QC and epidemiology reports are included, based on the CLSI M39 guidelines.

All test results are monitored by an advanced Expert System, based on 2006 CLSI guidelines, to flag unlikely results. BIOMIC V3 Microbiology System also reads commercial bacteria and yeast identification (ID) panels including RapID™ (Remel), API® (bioMerieux), Crystal™ (BD), and CHROMagar™ (BD). High resolution color test images (both AST and ID) can be saved for further evaluation.

BIOMIC V3 serves as a primary or complimentary AST-ID system for microbiology laboratories of all sizes and setups. A bi-directional LIS interface can be added to further speed workflow. Users can create and modify drug panels to match changing formulary and physician needs. BIOMIC V3 connects to a standard Windows-based PC and requires no routine maintenance or service. Since 1984, Giles Scientific has successfully placed its microbiology analyzer systems in 50+ countries.

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Posted on August 3, 2006