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Read NCCLS Antibiotic Tests By Color Digital-Camera

The high-resolution color digital camera BIOMIC® System instantaneously reads NCCLS-M2A7 antibiotic disk test (AST) plates, checks results with an advanced-Expert system, and sends test results direct to the LIS (Lab-Information-System). This advanced technology digitizes and speeds work flow and eliminates time, labor, cost and errors. Clear color image of all test plates including blood agar with fastidious organisms are saved for the working day for review anytime, eliminating the need to go back into discard pans. Disk Codes are visible and zone-measurements may be edited on-screen, unlike automated panel/card breakpoint systems where error-rates must be accepted.

The BIOMIC companion IDTree(TM) system provides rapid, easy, 95%+ accurate species identification for over 80% of isolates from NCCLS-M35 based flow-schemes. Cost for both AST and ID per isolate is about $1.50, $3-12 savings per isolate versus the other automated AST-ID card/panel systems. BIOMIC also provides extensive infection-control and quality-control reports, and MICs from the continuous agar-gradient around each disk. The Windows-based software is easier to use than other systems, and it is plug-and-play.

BIOMIC allows users to take advantage of the flexibility and low cost of disk testing, without the labor and reader variability involved in measuring and recording zone diameters for each drug.

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Posted on April 18, 2002