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Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet Complies with Stringent Japanese Standard

Esco's Labculture® Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinet has been certified by Japan Air Cleaning Association (JACA) for compliance to the requirements of Japanese Industrial Standard K3800:2000 for microbiological safety cabinets. JIS K3800:2000 is the Japanese standard for biosafety cabinets based on the US NSF49 standard requirements. However, the Japanese standard has more stringent microbiological testing requirements.

Esco Micro Pte Ltd is the first company outside of Japan to have a Class II biosafety cabinet certified to the JIS K3800 standard. Along with the recent certification to the new Chinese standard for biosafety cabinets SFDA YY 00569-2005, Esco's Labculture® Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinet currently holds the most number of international certifications in the world.

Esco Labculture® Class II Type A2 Biosafety cabinet series have been certified to the European standard for microbiological safety cabinets, EN12469:2000 in 2004 and to the US Standard NSF49 for Class II biological safety cabinets in 2005. Esco is now 1 of 11 biosafety cabinet manufacturers in the world to be certified to the stringent NSF49 standard.

Launched in January 2004, Esco's Labculture® biosafety cabinet features many unique, state-of-the-art developments which include superior ULPA filters with >99.999% efficiency, a microprocessor-based control system, anti-microbial powder-coated body and laminated shatter-proof safety glass.

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Posted on January 27, 2006