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FLAB France Selects Esco for Over 40 Biological Safety Cabinets

The buying organisation F. LAB has selected AES Chemunex and Esco to supply over 40 microbiological safety cabinets to meet the new standards in France for medical analysis laboratories.

F. LAB is a cooperative grouping of the largest private laboratories for medical analysis in France. With 114 members F. LAB is a major player in the French biology whose reputation was forged on a drastic selection of suppliers in terms of quality and service.

AES Chemunex, the exclusive distributor of Esco safety cabinets in France has won this prestigious tender in the face of strong competition from both French domestic and international players.

With this strategic sale, Esco has finally become a recognized brand in France and a key player in private laboratories and French hospitals. In a context of budgetary restraint, the quality of Esco products, coupled with the high level of service offered by AES Chemunex have made a difference to biologists eager to confront their laboratory to future European standards .

With a wide range of safety cabinet and quality, each laboratory from F. LAB network has found a solution to their technical needs and different configurations of laboratories.

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Posted on June 1, 2009