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New Brochure for Esco Airstream® Class II Biological Safety Cabinets

Airstream® cabinets are the industry's most energy efficient Class II cabinets. INNOVA backward curved, motorized impeller fan technology replaces conventional fans. Improved energy efficiency dramatically lowers operating costs. Lower heat output further improves building energy efficiency. Energy savings of up to US$500 per cabinet per year, based on average 500W savings on a 1.2m/4' cabinet, continuous operation, and electricity cost of US$0.10/kWH, plus additional savings from reduced building cooling load.

With thousands of units installed in laboratories in more than 100 countries, Airstream® cabinets offer premium operator, product and environmental protection with advanced technology. Intelligent, ergonomic design enhances productivity, operator comfort, maintenance and utility value. With an extensive track record of safety, reliability and performance, Airstream cabinets make ideal investments for a wide range of general laboratory applications.

0.9m/3', 1.2m/4', 1.8m/6' Airstream® models have been tested and certified to EN12469.

'Airstream® biological safety cabinets offer our customers with the industry's widest selection,' said XQ Lin, Esco Vice President. 'Models are available in stainless steel sided models with one piece internal work zone liners for superior cleanability, or glass sided models for customers who prefer a brighter work space with maximum visibility. Both single and dual exhaust filtered cabinets are available.'

Download the new, 24-page, full color brochure to learn more:

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Posted on May 13, 2009