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Now TUV-GS Certified! - Esco Infinity® Microbiological Safety Cabinet 1.8m Model

Esco biological safety cabinets have passed more tests, in more languages, in more countries, than any other manufacturer in the world. Esco is pleased to announce that its latest Infinity® Microbiological Safety Cabinet, 1.8m model FC2-6A1, has been TUV-GS certified by TUV-Nord to the stringent European Standard EN12469.

Esco Infinity® is the industry's premium biological safety solution from Esco. Some of the highlights of this product include:
  • Dual fan design for guaranteed safety. If one fan fails, operator protection is still maintained with only one fan running.

  • Fully closable, motorized sash provides an airtight seal for better safety when cabinet is inoperative overnight.

  • NEW Sentinel Gold™ microprocessor-based control system supervises operation of all cabinet functions, with enhanced UV and filter life monitoring functions.

  • Accuflow™ microprocessor speed controller maintains safe cabinet airflow despite supply voltage fluctuations.

  • Low noise level <54dBA (1.8 meter (6') cabinet) is significantly quieter than conventional cabinets.

With 15 models in various sizes and configurations EN12469 tested by the Health Protection Agency, UK, 7 models NSF (USA) listed, 12 models SFDA (China) listed, 1 model JACA (Japan) listed, Esco today offers the widest selection of certified Class II cabinets on the market today, supported by sales and service representatives in 100 countries worldwide!

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Posted on February 25, 2009