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New Interscience EasySpiral® for Faster, Easier Spiral Plating

Spiral plater EasySpiral The new EasySpiral® from Interscience is a fully automated spiral plater which meets with today's demands of productivity and efficiency in microbiological labs.
EasySpiral® provides standardized plating with a sensitivity from 30 to 10 million CFU/ml on only 1 Petri dish without preliminary dilutions ideal for labs performing high numbers of plate counts. Costs in time, consumables, space and steps are reduced by 75% as opposed to the manual method.

EasySpiral®, 3rd generation of Spiral® platers With a new design and new patents, EasySpiral® enables high-speed efficient and reproducible results. The patented rotating arm architecture makes it the world's fastest Spiral® plater, needing only 25 seconds for a complete cycle. The patented disinfection system has an capacity of 600 cleaning cycles and EasySpiral® is equipped with security detectors to alert the operator if disinfection liquid is missing. The pre-set plating volumes are completed by the USB programmable volumes from 10 up to 1000 microliters. Data is exported via Excel and a bar-code system gives full traceability.

AFNOR V08-100 standards
Accepted by the A.O.A.C and AFNOR standard V08-100 as an official method for bacterial enumeration. The Spiral® method has become the reference for applications such as food microbiology, medical bacteriology, research on food or cosmetic preservatives. The savings made on consumables (Petri dishes, agar, pipettes) also help to make it an environmentally friendly product.

Summary of new features and benefits

  • Faster automatic plating time (disinfection, sample-taking and plating): at 25 seconds it's the world's quickest!

  • Rotating arm architecture: gives high speed movements and simplified mechanics (new patent)

  • Automatic disinfection system: means no cross-contamination (new patent)

  • USB programmable plating volumes from 10 up to 1000 microliters with monitoring software gives a system with full traceability.

  • Uses 75% less consumables than the manual method with additional savings on labour

  • Made in France by Interscience it conforms to AFNOR V08-100 standards.

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Posted on March 16, 2010