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Interscience's NEW BagMixer®400 CC®: High-tech Blender for your Lab!

The paddle blender is a key element in sample preparation for microbiology. It became indispensable for most food quality control laboratories. The new paddle blender BagMixer® 400 CC® provides security, high performance and great user-comfort for your lab analysis.

INTEGRAL CLEANING: Cleaning of the blending chamber is possible thanks to the Click & Clean® system. All Interscience's blenders have a 270° opening door, but what is unique and incredible about the new BagMixer® 400 CC® is that you can remove completely the paddles thanks to a unique patented system: Click & Clean®! Once removed, they are autoclavable and the blending chamber is fully accessible for total cleaning.

NO RISK OF CONTAMINATION: Complete cleaning thanks to Click and Clean® system excludes all possible ways of cross-contamination.

EFFECTIVENESS: Blending chamber is adaptable to all kind of rigid samples : hard, small, rigid. The paddle gap is adjustable for optimal blending strength. The new BagMixer® 400 CC®, equipped with Interscience's latest innovations offers high-performance blending and optimum extraction.

SIMPLICITY: Easy control during the blending thanks to the multifunctional digital screen: blending time, blending speed, blending strength. It can be adapted to any sample and is compatible with any bag.

ROBUSTNESS: As for all the BagMixer® range, the guarantee is for 3 years. The window door and the shock-absorbers are life-time guaranteed.

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Posted on February 6, 2008

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