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Ultra-rapid and Specific Detection of Beer Spoiling Bacteria

vermicon AG and Chemunex SA have established a worldwide cooperation with the aim of combining their technologies to enable the ultra-rapid detection and quantification of microorganisms, with sensitivity down to a single microbial cell.

ChemVIT®-Beer is the first application in the new ChemVIT product range and it impressively combines the advantages of the technologies from both companies: the gene probe technology VIT (vermicon identification technology) from vermicon very quickly and highly-specifically identifies living beer-spoiling bacteria. The laser-scanning cytometer ChemScan®RDI from Chemunex allows a very sensitive, fast and automatic detection and quantification of the targeted microorganisms.

With ChemVIT®-Beer, the time consuming cultivation of the microorganisms is no longer necessary. The analysis time is therefore considerably shorter compared to conventional and other modern analysis methods. This time-saving allows breweries to reduce logistics costs and make faster product release decisions.

The detection of bacteria using ChemVIT®-Beer involves only a few steps from taking the sample to obtaining the results. Within 3 hours the results are available and can be automatically quantified, down to single cell level, by the ChemScan®RDI.

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Posted on September 12, 2005