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RAPID´Enterococcus Agar Facilitates Chromogenic Detection of Enterococci


Bio-Rad introduces RAPID´Enterococcus agar, a selective chromogenic culture medium used for the direct enumeration, without confirmation, of enterococci in water and in food products. The cleavage of the chromogenic substrate by glucosidase activity of Enterococci leads to specific blue colonies.

Detection and enumeration is achieved in 40-44 hours of culture at 44 °C.

RAPID´Enterococcus totally inhibits growth of Gram-negative flora and that of practically all Gram-positive bacteria other than Enterococci, due to the combined action of temperature and selective media. The medium has been shown to have a very good correlation with the standard ISO 7899-2, which uses Slanetz & Bartley TTC agar.

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Posted on March 5, 2004