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12-hour Detection of Salmonella in Raw Meats

A new protocol for Bio-Rad's real-time PCR iQ-CheckTM Salmonella II kit has been certified by AFNOR validation for the fast detection of Salmonella in raw meats. The protocol uses a shortened enrichment of only 8 hours in buffered peptone water. Different raw meats were tested including poultry pig and beef.
Salmonellosis continues to be one of the major zoonoses, second only to campylobacteriosis. The intestinal track of wild and domestic animals is the common reservoir for Salmonella, resulting in a variety of meat products as sources of infections. Major recognized sources of human Salmonella infections are eggs and egg-products, followed by different meats such as poultry, turkey and pig meat. According to the latest EFSA report on zoonoses in the European Union in 2007, prevalence of this pathogen in pig carcasses was around 8.3% and 2-11% in retail broilers.

Testing fresh meat products rapidly and with reliable and specific tests is critical in an industry that needs to make quick and accurate decisions on product release. Bio-Rad's iQ-CheckTM Salmonella II test offers an ultra-fast solution for ensuring fresh meat products are free of Salmonella.

iQ-CheckTM kits are based on automated real-time polymerase chain reaction (RTi-PCR) and detection, using specific probes for high accuracy and specificity of results. Other kits available are for detection of Listeria monocytogenes, Listeria spp., E. coli O157:H7 and Campylobacter spp. All kits have the same thermal protocol, so assays can be run at the same time on either a low throughput 48-well MiniOpticon™ or high throughput 96-well Chromo4™ systems.

  • Single non-specific enrichment

  • Results in no more than 12 hours

  • Same thermal protocol as other iQ-CheckTM kits

  • Simple to use, with automated detection and result reporting

  • AFNOR - ISO 16140 certification

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Posted on July 21, 2009