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New Ergonomic Bactron Anaerobic Chamber for Microbiology

Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc. have released their latest offering to the Life Sciences, University, and Clinical research labs with the BacBASIC Environmental Work Station and Incubator for anaerobic conditions in microbiology & cell biology applications.

Anaerobic Glove Boxes have made a name for themselves over the last fifteen years. As more researchers and clinicians realize the cost savings involved with moving from anaerobic jars or bags to anaerobic workstations, they also note the significant improvement in efficacy and efficiency in successful culture, isolation and identification processes. Such precision control of environment is essential when clinically diagnosing serious infections for rapid and accurate results.

The new SHEL LAB BacBASIC Anaerobic Chamber is designed with the clinical/research laboratory technician in mind by providing bare-handed access for delicate procedures, from unpacking material to inoculation, incubation, inspection and recovery, without compromising the required desired hypoxic atmosphere. While the glove-free process isn´t a brand new concept for the experienced manufacturers at Sheldon, the new ergonomic design provides the greatest reach and comfort available. This combined with the savvy and user-friendly LCD control panel, space-saving exterior and numerous other features, offers one of the most ergonomic, user-friendly anaerobic work stations now available.

  • Excellent Lighting and Visibility

  • Quick-Entry Glove-less Sleeve System

  • Rapid Auto Purge Pass Box For Introduction of Petri Plates, Specimens, and Supplies

  • Incubated Storage Capacity for up to 150 Petri Plates

  • Easy-to-change Anatox and Catalyst Packs with 6 Month Usability

  • Incubation Temperature Range From Ambient Temperature to 42° C

  • Removable Front For Placement of Large Instruments Inside Chamber

  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction

The BacBASIC, designed to optimize limited laboratory work spaces, has a minimal exterior footprint and can be relocated with relative ease. It can serve as an ideal auxiliary chamber option for over-flow work, extra plate storage and emergency back-up to your primary chamber. This addition to the 20 year legacy of Bactron Anaerobic chambers represents the perfect entry level chamber.

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Posted: July 6, 2010
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