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Use Thermo Scientific Microbiology Media for Fast Salmonella Detection

Brilliance™ Salmonella
Confidence in food safety: 2 steps, 2 days, with Thermo Scientific Salmonella Rapid Culture Method.

Significantly reduce the time and labor involved in detecting Salmonella contamination in food products with the Thermo Scientific Rapid Culture Method. The simple two-step procedure - one broth to one plate - delivers accurate results in two days, compared to the traditional method which can take up to four days.
Step 1: Accurate enrichment using Thermo Scientific ONE Broth-Salmonella media. ONE Broth-Salmonella media is a highly nutritious medium to aid recovery and growth of Salmonella spp. while inhibiting the growth of competing organisms. The growth promoter in the medium allows recovery of stressed Salmonella cells, even when present in very low numbers.

Step 2: Reliable isolation using Thermo Scientific Brilliance™ Salmonella media. Brilliance Salmonella media is the first in a new class of chromogenic media to incorporate novel Inhibigen™ technology for the isolation and presumptive identification of Salmonella species. The carefully selected chromogens aid easy identification and differentiation of Salmonella species by producing purple colonies.

All Thermo Scientific Thermo Scientific culture media, including the Salmonella Rapid Culture Method products, are manufactured using leading-edge technology and premium ingredients. The Thermo Scientific Salmonella Rapid Culture Method has been granted Association of Analytical Communities (AOAC) Performance Testing Method status. In Europe, the combination of the ONE Broth - Salmonella media and Brilliance Salmonella media is referred to as part of the Thermo Scientific Salmonella Precis Method.

Quality certificates are available for every batch, to help reduce the burden of QC testing.

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Posted: July 10, 2012
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