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Thermo Scientific Salmonella Precis™ Rapid Culture Method - Results up to Three Days Faster

Thermo Scientific Salmonella Precis
Thermo Scientific has launched the AFNOR-validated Salmonella Precis™ rapid culture method. This method provides results in just two days - up to three days faster than standard Salmonella culture methods used in food testing laboratories.

Recently validated and approved by AFNOR to ISO 16140 standard (against the reference method ISO 6579:2002), the Salmonella Precis method can be used with food, animal feed and environmental samples. The procedure is carried out in three simple steps - enrichment, plating and confirmation - and requires no specialised equipment.
The single 18-hour enrichment is achieved using Thermo Scientific ONE Broth-Salmonella, a highly nutritious medium that promotes recovery and growth of the target organism while inhibiting competing organisms. The growth promoter in the medium allows the recovery of stressed Salmonella cells, even when present in very low numbers.

Plating is undertaken on Thermo Scientific Brilliance™ Salmonella Agar, the first in a new class of chromogenic media that incorporates Inhibigen™ technology. The Inhibigen™ selective agent improves the recovery of Salmonella by reducing background flora. Chromogens in the medium aid easy identification and differentiation by producing brightly coloured colonies.

The identification is confirmed using the Thermo Scientific Salmonella Latex Test, a quick and easy method for the confirmation of Salmonella species from culture media.

Cheryl Mooney, product manager at Thermo Scientific said, 'This simple method is validated by AFNOR to ISO 16140 standard and offers significant time savings compared to standard culture methods. The Thermo Scientific Salmonella Precis method is, therefore, extremely valuable to food testing laboratories where a quick result is required. In addition, the fact that technicians only have to use a single broth and plate for each sample minimizes handling, saves on lab space and reduces the volume of waste.'

The Precis range of rapid culture methods also includes the AFNOR-validated Listeria Precis method for the detection and enumeration of Listeria monocytogenes from food, animal feed and environmental samples.

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Posted: September 10, 2008
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