Puritan Enviromax and ESK for Surface Sampling

Eliminate Contamination Risk and Save Time with Single-use Bioreactor Sampler

The new Bioreactor Sampler™ from Aseptika enables sampling from bioreactors and fermentors in around 15 seconds with the added benefit of eliminating the risk of contamination.

Monitoring, assaying and recording parameters off-line are an essential part of running and maintaining a bioreactor or fermentor.

Often, the environment in a laboratory is far from sterile or clean, so taking samples from a bioreactor can be the cause of bacterial, viral or chemical contamination of the vessel. Mammalian cell cultures are particularly at risk of contamination because of the rich media used and the length of time for which the culture is often run. Losing a culture due to contamination is costly. Not only is the media expensive but the time lost in restarting the bioreactor/fermentor can put important projects in jeopardy.

The Bioreactor Sampler™ (patent applied for) has a unique system that withdraws samples through its non-return valves. Firstly, flush the sample line into a waste collector, SNAP the single-use valve, SAMPLE into the sample syringe and then SEAL the USP Class VI tubing and remove the syringe. It all takes just 15 seconds!

Aseptika Bioreactor Sampler™ features:

  • Universally applicable: can be used with any type of bioreactor or fermentor (reusable glass and steel or single-use).

  • Single-use: no cleaning, autoclaving and no contamination.

  • Flexible and modular: 6, 12 or 18 samples as standard, with additional capacity using individually packed Sample Modules.

  • Unique unidirectional flow system ensuring no sample returns to the bioreactor vessel, eliminating contamination.

  • Medical-grade materials (USP Class VI).

  • Made under Class 10,000 clean room conditions.

  • Gamma irradiated to 25-40 KGy to ensure sterility.

  • Pressure tested to assess the integrity and ensures reliability in use.

  • Every device has its own serial number and barcode for traceability.

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Posted: May 27, 2008
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