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High-legibility Laboratory Labels from Brady

Unreadable, smudged or faded labels represent a fatal flaw in a laboratory data trail. Brady labelling systems, developed by the corporation's own research teams, provide comprehensive solutions to legibility problems and ensure the integrity of sample identities.
Indecipherable handwriting, crowded because of limited space, make hand-written labels notoriously hard to interpret - and, of course, they cannot be read by machine. Another issue is that handwriting inks are particularly prone to smearing when handled and to fading after long-term storage, while any contact with chemicals risks vital information dissolving away. Even printed labels, if created using incompatible print media, can suffer from similar problems.

Recognising the vital importance of laboratory labelling which retains legibility even after long-term storage, Brady's thermal transfer labelling technology offers no less than 72 combinations of labels and print ribbons to ensure maximum legibility and permanence under all conditions. Crisp, clear, readable text at sizes from 4 point upwards can be printed at speeds of up to 70 labels per second. Brady supply only own-brand labels and ribbons and offer full technical support to ensure the correct match for particular storage conditions.
Barcodes are the key to compatibility with LIMS and other data systems, and Brady printing technology yields the excellent contrast between black and white bars needed for 100% decoding. Using these systems, 2-dimensional barcodes remain readable even if as much as 30% of the printed area has been accidentally destroyed or removed.

Brady's labelling systems are developed in the corporation's own research facilities in the USA and Europe, by scientists with first-hand knowledge of the issues surrounding sample identification in the laboratory. The Brady Corporation has operations in 24 countries and is represented in over 100.

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Posted: August 24, 2010
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