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ReaX™ 'Lab-in-a-Bead' Technology Makes PCR Easy, Even for Untrained Operators

Q Chip, a leading developer of microencapsulation solutions, has launched ReaX™ Lab-in-a-Bead - an innovative gel-based bead for effortless PCR. The new ReaX Mastermix Lab-in-a-Bead range encapsulates all the reagents required to perform PCR in a single dose within the bead. This allows even untrained operators to set up PCR reactions in any thermal cycler system, whilst giving highly reproducible results. PCR reactions can now be easily taken out of the laboratory, opening up field based applications ranging from bacterial detection to DNA-based security tagging – effectively ushering in the era of 'Lab-in-a-Bead' technology.

Available in a variety of ready-to-use formats, ReaX Mastermix beads completely standardise and streamline set-up, and the subsequent PCR reactions are very robust and highly reproducible. They can be used for end-point, qPCR and RT-PCR and with multiple fluorescent chemistries (e.g. SYBR Green, TaqMan). ReaX Mastermix beads can be stored and shipped at either 40C or ambient temperature due to their highly stable nature. In addition, ReaX Mastermix beads can reduce the overall test costs due lower repeat rates and less reagent wastage.

"The launch of ReaX comes on the back of 2 years research and development” said Q Chip's Product Manager Dr Nanette Bartram. "ReaX will enable Q Chip to enter the PCR reagent market with a competitive product which offers customers complete flexibility over existing liquid or lyophilized reagents as well as maximum convenience, reproducibility and reliability."

As well as the off-the-shelf ReaX range, Q Chip is also launching the ReaX Custom Bead Service whereby customers can specify exactly which primers, Taq polymerase (including Hot Start enzymes) and fluorescent chemistry they require in a ReaX bead and Q Chip manufactures these to the precise specifications. The ReaX Custom Bead Service provides customers with a high quality end-product and service tailored specifically to their individual needs.

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Posted: May 24, 2007
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