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Workshop: Use of Quantitative ATP and RT-PCR Legionella for Risk Assessment of Water Systems

Workshop on The Application of New Rapid Microbiological Indicators to the Risk Assessment of Domestic and Cooling Water Systems : the use of quantitative ATP assays and real- time PCR for Legionella

Organized by aqua-tools with the kind cooperation of Dr. John V. Lee, Health Protection Agency

The aim of this workshop is to present the latest information available on monitoring water quality issues in domestic and cooling water systems, related specifically to Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Legionellae proliferation.

The presentations have been chosen to give a practical approach for monitoring for bacterial proliferation in domestic, sanitary, industrial or cooling tower water.

The workshop will give a clear view on the newest analytical methods existing for control of Legionellae proliferation and their application: new generation of quantitative ATP assays and real-time PCR for Legionella.

Field applied methodology for bacterial risk assessment will be presented through different case studies.

· Dr John V. Lee, Health Protection Agency, London, U.K.
· Dr Susanne Surman-Lee, Health Protection Agency, London, U.K.
· Dr Sandra Lai, Health Protection Agency, London, U.K.
· Mr. Herve Gorisse, Ondeo Industrial Solutions, France and U.K.
· Mr. Bernard Gruson, Nalco, France
· Miss Veliana Todorova, aqua-tools, France
· Mr. Marc Raymond, aqua-tools, France

The National Motorcycle Museum
Coventry Road
West Midlands
B92 0EJ
United Kingdom

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Posted: March 24, 2008
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