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Easy-to-use, Space Saving, Digital Dry Baths

A new range of easy-to-use, space-saving digital dry baths, which are ideally suited for a variety of applications including; restriction digests, BUN, melting agar, coagulation studies, hybridization, hot start thermo-cycled reactions, and denaturing DNA, have been introduced by Cleaver Scientific.

The Cube Range of dry baths includes single and dual block models in addition to a comprehensive range of interchangeable blocks to suit many different sized tubes and vesicles. These compact, competitively priced baths incorporate the essential features for the modern laboratory.

For example, easy programming, fast heat-up times, excellent uniformity of block temperature and accurate digital microprocessor control of temperature from ambient +5°C to 150°C.

For added convenience, the dual digital display shows both the temperature and the running time simultaneously. Also, thanks to their moulded aluminium chambers, both the large and small models can be filled with water to act as mini water baths.

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Posted: September 23, 2008
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