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Easy-to-use Entry-level Fluorescence Systems are Ideal for Routine Laboratory Use.

The flexibility of light emitting diode (LED) fluorescence light sources for microscopy has recently been enhanced with improvements to the FluoLED product series from Olympus.

With advanced flexibility and safety, these easy-to-use entry-level fluorescence systems are ideal for educational or routine laboratory use. Furthermore, three different versions are available to meet the range of user needs.

The FluoLED systems
The FluoLED EasyFluo is a simple-to-use fixed intensity system, providing a single wavelength ideal for basic screening applications. Users can choose one of seven LED cassettes for a fixed intensity to suit their application. What is more, the addition of the new two-position emission filter slider with integrated security micro-switch enhances user safety by ensuring that the filter is in place before the LED is switched on.
The FluoLED single channel system provides precise intensity control for one of the seven interchangeable LED cassettes, enabling exceptional flexibility for fluorescence dye detection. The FluoLED MultiFluo provides simultaneous control of up to three LED cassettes, via a three channel electronic driver. The FluoLED MultiFluo is therefore ideal for multicolour fluorescence observations. Both of these systems benefit from the addition of the new six position filter wheel, facilitating the safer use of different LED cassettes. Integrated photodetectors reduce light intensity when there is no emission filter, or an incorrect filter, in place. Furthermore, the variable 1-channel (FluoLED Single) and 3-channel (FluoLED MultiFluo) electronic drivers have been re-designed for ease-of-use.

The complete solution
Each system is specifically designed to fit directly to Olympus CX upright microscopes. They enable transmitted fluorescence observations of transparent specimens, such as bacteria and thin sections, without removing the capability to perform brightfield illumination. Furthermore, the FluoLED EasyFluo and FluoLED Single can be battery or solar powered, enabling fluorescence microscopy to be conducted 'in field' where samples are fresh. The addition of the new FluoLED Single for the Olympus BX41 microscope now extends the FluoLED product range to clinical applications as well.

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Posted: December 8, 2008
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