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Complete Range of Florescent Light Source Options

EXFO X-Cite 120 PC automated illuminator joins the Olympus fluorescence microscopy solutions team

Olympus Life and Material Science Europa GmbH has introduced the new EXFO X-Cite 120 PC automated fluorescent light source. This adjustment free metal-halide illuminator is fully controllable through Olympus cell* imaging software. The addition of this new automated illuminator means that Olympus offers a full range of illumination options for its extensive fluorescence microscopy range.

This enhances Olympus’ status as a complete system solution provider for all fluorescence experiments. Like the recently launched manually controlled EXFO X-Cite 120 illuminator, the PC version also offers low running costs with extended lifetime and ease of use. Although they have a light spectrum similar to that of conventional mercury lamps, the 120W metal-halide X-Cite 120 and X-Cite 120 PC both last far longer. The 1500 hour bulb life makes changes a rare occurrence.

Through software control, using the X-Cite 120 PC is exceptionally easy. All functions are fully automated, including shutter and light intensity modulation, and readily integrated into the experimental workflow. Furthermore, the convenient user interface of the Olympus cell* software enables simple integration of these automated functions into fluorescence acquisition protocols. This system integration approach simplifies workflows for all types of fluorescence experiments enabling researchers to focus on generating and analysing data.

Other members of the Olympus fluorescence light source range which can be fully controlled via cell* software include the Olympus MT light sources. These highly integrated illumination systems can switch extremely quickly between different excitation wavelengths. The light attenuator enables rapid fine tuning to the appropriate light intensity. An ultrafast shutter with 1 msec speed eliminates off-acquisition photobleaching of specimens, crucial in timelapse studies. By using Xe or Xe/Hg mixed gas arc burners with advanced electronic control, the lightsources are highly stable with minimal flickering, making fluorescence quantification easy.

Completing its comprehensive fluorescence microscopy product portfolio, Olympus also offers its well established fluorescence housings with excellent light intensity for mercury and xenon burners. These light sources can be combined with automated illuminators, filter wheels and shutters, all integrated into automated acquisition routines controlled by cell* software.

As a system solution provider, Olympus offers a complete range of fluorescent light source options which can be fully integrated with its microscopes, intuitive cell* imaging software and sensitive digital cameras. This enables the user to configure their system set up to match their own needs by selecting from Olympus’ extensive system tool box. Furthermore, the modular imaging system platform facilitates adaptation with changing requirements and experiments, thereby protecting the customer’s investment.

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Posted: March 23, 2006
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