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Adjustable Spacing Now Available on a Manual Multichannel Pipette

Anachem is pleased to introduce a world´s first, with the new RAININ Multi-Lite Adjustable Spacer Pipette. Ideal for routine micro-well applications, this totally unique pipette allows you to quickly and accurately change nozzle spacing for use with different storage formats. Transfer your samples with the greatest of ease between micro centrifuge tubes, 24, 48 and 96-well plates - just a twist is all it requires to change spacing. Previously, such functionality has only been available on more expensive electronic pipettes.

Multi-Lite Adjustable Spacer incorporates the same performance and functional design along with operational features as the popular Multi-Lite Pipette. The patented LTS Lite-Touch Tip System provides highest security - tips seal precisely and consistent sample pick-up is guaranteed, every time.

Enabling you to quickly change between different plate and tubing formats, this one of a kind pipette allows you to move the nozzle spacing between 9 and 14mm (8-channel) or 9 - 19mm (6-channel). The Limiter dial sets the maximum, and the spacing adjustment control changes spacing quickly from minimum to maximum. Nozzle spacing is displayed in millimeters by the marks on the liquid end, and, due to the detent on the limiter dial, you can´t over-space the nozzles - giving you peace of mind.

Available in four models, 6-channel and 8-channel, both having 300ul and 1200ul nominal volumes, the Multi-Lite Adjustable Spacer features the proven LTS (LiteTouch) nozzles for faster tip loading and completely consistent sample loading. The liquid end rotates 360°, enabling quick alignment with the mother or daughter plate, with comfortable left or right-hand operation.

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Posted: May 7, 2008
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