Puritan Enviromax and ESK for Surface Sampling

Protect Your Precious Samples with New 4titude® PlateStable™ Systems

Now available from Anachem, the New 4titude® PlateStable™ system provides fully automated sample storage that maintains high quality compound libraries safely and effectively. PlateStable protects the integrity of solid and liquid samples by controlling the internal environment within its sealed, contaminant free enclosures.

PlateStable contains one control module and a flexible number of containers that house SBS standard laboratory plates or tube racks. Different models offering a range of sizes and capacity accommodate individual requirements. The system is easy to use and operates simply by loading plates or tube racks into the enclosure, which is then sealed and connected to a control unit producing a short cycle that flushes out the existing oxygen atmosphere and replaces it with dry gas such as Nitrogen or Argon. Compounds in DMSO are kept in dry environments to minimise water uptake and damage caused by atmospheric oxygen.

On completion of the flush cycle, the enclosure is disconnected from the control module and transferred to suitable storage facilities where it can remain for up to twelve months with its stabilised atmospheric conditions.

The New PlateStable® system has a monitoring system enabling users to analyse the contained atmospheric conditions at any stage during the length of the storage cycle.
Exciting developments are also in progress to provide a solution for the storage of microarray slides.

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Posted: May 7, 2008
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