Puritan Enviromax and ESK for Surface Sampling

Latest CLSI/NCCLS Guidelines in BIOMIC® Vision System

The latest 2005 CLSI M100 & M-44P (bacteria/yeast antibiotic disk test) guidelines are in the BIOMIC® Vision System. BIOMIC utilizes digital image analysis to instantly read (up to 6 plates per minute) and interpret zone sizes, as well as determining accurate MICs from the standard disk test.

Test and QC results are automatically checked by an advanced Expert system based on CLSI guidelines. BIOMIC automatically interprets the correct drug-panel based on organism and/or LIS-worklist. BIOMIC contains IDTreeÔ software, based on CLSI-M35 (Rapid Final Identification of Bacteria and Yeast) and provides rapid simple procedures to identify 80-90% of isolates in minutes. IDTree contains explanations, test result photos and procedure flow schemes.

BIOMIC's Windows-based system is intuitive, reliable and in over 450 laboratories in 48 countries. The cost per isolate for AST and ID averages less than $1.50, using non-proprietary materials

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Posted: March 18, 2005
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