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Simpler, Faster, Automatic Colony Counting with INTERSCIENCE

Scan automatic colony counter, just press COUNT
INTERSCIENCE has added new user-friendly and effective features to its Scan® automatic colony counters range for faster, simpler automatic colony counting.

More than 20 pre-set media are now included in the V6 software, such as PCA/TSA, MRS, VRBL, TBX, TSC, Baird Parker, GVPC, L Mono. The user has no more settings to do and just has to press « Count ».
'After a thorough study of the uses of the Scan® automatic colony counters in labs in more than 50 countries where we sold it, we collected very useful information about the media used for bacterial analysis.' says Emmanuel Jalenques, head of INTERSCIENCE's R&D department. 'We wanted our software to make counting as fast as possible. Today, to count instantly without having to spend time on settings makes the Scan® a unique colony counter on the market.'

Along with the new features, INTERSCIENCE has upgraded its Scan® 1200 automatic colony counter with fully automatic lightings : LED lights controlled by the software and motorized background color.

The Scan® automatic colony counters are today known for being rapid, adapted solutions to increase the lab's capacity. After the plating of the sample, Scan® automatic colony counters deliver complete bacterial results with automatic data recording and export to Excel, PDF, LIMS. In compliance with CFR 21 part 11, they deliver a complete counting result in less than half a second.

For complete technical details and free demo version, go to www.interscience.fr

  • «No more settings» user-friendly software

  • High-quality hardware

  • Instant results

  • Automatic data recording

  • Data export to Excel™, PDF, LIMS

  • CFR 21 part 11

  • 3 year guarantee

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Posted: November 15, 2011
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