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New Interscience Scan® 100 Colony Counter Delivers Accuracy with Comfort

INTERSCIENCE presents the Scan® 100 colony counter.

Competitive, equipped with an ergonomic hand-rest and dark field technology for optimal lighting of colonies, Scan® 100 guarantees fatigue free quality results for all microbiology applications.

Features include:

  • Ergonomic hand-rest gives comfortable working position

  • Adjustable touch surface

  • Dark-Field technology with long-lasting white LEDs

  • Adaptable (reads Petri dishes from 55 to 150 mm)

  • Traceability: integrated USB port allows the export of results to any software

  • Made in France by INTERSCIENCE

Ergonomic Design:
Counting colonies by hand is time consuming but critical step in laboratories analyses, for results need to be highly accurate. Until now, manual colony counting was simply a pen with a light box which was uncomfortable and tiring leading to approximate results or possible sources of error. Equipped with an ergonomic hand-rest, dark field lighting with white long lasting LEDs and an adjustable touch surface, Scan® 100 provides incredible work comfort with the guarantee of highly accurate results.

Dark Field Technology:
Dark Field technology allows you to count colonies on any kind of Petri dish, even light colonies on light agar. Long lasting white LEDs are arranged in a circular shape just behind and around the dish, offering wide angle lighting of the colonies with optimal contrast without reducing the image. Lighting by LEDs adds greater flexibility in reading and to the robustness of the Scan®. This unit requires no maintenance.

The Scan® 100 is equipped with a USB port for transmission of data to any software, without prior installation of a driver. Results are therefore exported and saved, a feature greatly appreciated in labs.

The Scan® 100 is adapted to Petri dishes from 55 to 150 mm. With an adjustable tactile-surface compensating for the Petri dish weight, the sensitivity of the Scan® 100 is adjustable using a single button in front of the unit. A useful aspect of this colony counter is that the user can use their favorite pen to mark the colonies. A sound indicates each time a colony has been counted in order to avoid mistakes. The result is indicated on the screen and the user can also manually add or substract a colony.

Scan® 100 colony counters guarantee quick results and are in compliance with the G.L.P 'Good Laboratory Practice'. No special training is necessary.

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Posted: January 21, 2009
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