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A New Sensitive Test for the Detection of Ovine and Caprine PrPSc: TeSeE™ Sheep/Goat Assay

Detection of Ovine and Caprine PrPSc
TeSeE sheep/goat is a new rapid assay for the post-mortem diagnosis of TSEs in small ruminants (sheep and goat).

This new Bio-Rad ELISA kit is based on the same assay procedure as the TeSeE assay actively used in most laboratories for the detection of BSE in cattle.

The new TeSeE sheep/goat assay has the capacity to detect PrPSc in different types of tissues from infected animals.

Click here to download poster presented at AAVLD/USAHA Annual Meeting, October 18th - 24th, 2007, Reno, Nevada

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Posted: October 28, 2009
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