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SurCapt™ Microbial Surface Detection Kit

Rapid Microbial Testing of SurfacesThe SurCapt™ Microbial Surface Detection Kit is an all-inclusive, ready-to-use kit for rapid testing of environmental surfaces for biological contamination....

BioLaz™ Real-Time Microbial Monitor

Continuous, real-time monitoring of viable particles in airThe BioLaz Real-Time Microbial Monitor provides real-time detection of biological organisms in controlled environments used for the manufacture of sterile products....

MiniCapt™ Mobile Microbial Air Sampler

Microbial air samplerThe MiniCapt Mobile Microbial Air Sampler allows the user to perform microbial air sampling in cleanroom enviroments for viable particle contamination classification and monitoring....

ReadyRack - Ready to Use Tubes of TSB or Fluid Thioglycollate

ReadyRack ReadyRack is a convenient way to bring media into a controlled area, while avoiding outside contamination. The ReadyRack comes pre-filled with 80 tubes of Tryptic Soy Broth or Fluid Thioglycollate medium. No cardboard...

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