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Whitley A45 HEPA Workstation

Whitley A45 HEPA Workstation The Whitley A45 HEPA is an anaerobic workstation with a unique internal HEPA filtration system. Two sleeved ports and one instant access port provide convenient user access to the entire incubation and working...

Whitley DG250 Workstation - Microaerobic or Hypoxic Chamber

Whitley DG250 Anaerobic Workstation The Whitley DG250 Anaerobic Workstation is used when there is a need to easily process, culture and examine anaerobic samples without exposure to atmospheric oxygen. This workstation has a small footprint yet can...

Whitley Jar Gassing System - Lowest Cost

Don Whitley Jar Gassing System for With the Whitley Jar Gassing System you can create perfect conditions for growing anaerobes in jars in just 2 minutes for less than 18 pence and for microaerophiles in 15 seconds for less than 3 pence (compared with...

Whitley A35 Anaerobic Workstation

Whitley A35 Anaerobic Workstation The Whitley A35 provides excellent conditions for the processing, incubation and examination of samples without exposure to atmospheric oxygen. This workstation provides the ability to manipulate samples in a...

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