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bioMérieux ScanRDI®

  Improve your productivity! Fed up losing time on negative results? Fed up knowing a week later that you had a contamination? With ScanRDI®, in 3 hours from sampling to result, you know if you can follow on with your production or if

CRL Micro QC Solutions

  Your products. Our passion. For decades, our customers have trusted Charles River to listen and respond to the unique manufacturing challenges of bringing drugs to market safely and efficiently. The result is our extensive offering of

Interscience - Diluflow + Bagmixer

For great sample prep' choose INTERSCIENCE INTERSCIENCE is proud to announce the renewal of the BagSystem® sample preparation system with the introduction of the new DiluFlow®gravimetric dilutors and the new BagMixer® range, super silent

bioMérieux CHEMUNEX®

MICROBIOLOGY IS NOT A BOTTLENECK ANYMORE ! Release your products faster with “CHEMUNEX®” technology 20 years of experience with cosmetic industries; >800 instruments worldwide Presence/Absence results in hours instead of

Puritan Custom Made Swabs

Custom is our favorite word We have thousands of standard products, but we thrive on custom requests. So, come on and dare us to do something. Even if it seems impossible. Tell us what you’re looking for, what challenges you face, and what your

Charles River PTS-Micro™

A Flexible and Easy-to-Use Rapid Bioburden Detection Platform As the smallest system of its kind, the PTS-Micro™ is a revolutionary solution designed to detect for viable microorganisms. Uniquely designed for microbial bioburden testing on raw

Integra Viaflo Optimizes 96 and 384 Well Microplate Filling

  Optimizing Workflow with 96- & 384-well Microplates INTEGRA has introduced a Three Position Stage for its VIAFLO 96 and VIAFLO 384 handheld benchtop pipettes. The new accessory expands available stage positions for microplates,

bioMérieux Chromogenic Media for Food Testing

  With more than 50 year experience in microbiology, bioMérieux has developed a complete collection of culture media, especially designed for food sample testing. This comprehensive range fits all your daily needs by providing you:

Lonza's QC Testing eNews

Subscribe to Lonza's QC Testing eNews & Donate to ERDG Get the latest in QC Testing by subscribing to our quarterly e-Newsletter and help support horseshoe crab conservation. Our featured content includes: Technical tips White

Lonza QC Testing

We’ve walked in your shoes and know the challenges you face in a regulated, manufacturing environment. As a manufacturer ourselves, we face them too. Our decades of experience are part of every QC Testing product and service we offer. We know your

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