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Priorclave QCS H150

Tamperproof Laboratory Autoclaves

Priorclave QCS H150 is one of the most versatile and cost efficient steriliser available with a chamber design that offers 20% more in loading capacity than sterilisers of the same capacity.

Limulus Color KY

Limulus Color KY Series Can Detect Endotoxin to 0.0002EU/ml

A time-based colorimetric test using a synthetic substrate which produces a yellow color, specifically detecting endotoxin with high sensitivity.


NBB®-B-AM for Easy Detection of Indicator Organisms from Biofilms

NBB®-B-AM is a ready-to-use culture media for detection of indicator microorganisms from biofilms as part of an environmental monitoring schedule.


Inhomogeneous Dilution Poses a Potential Risk to Food Quality & Safety

Automated serial dilutions with the Inlabtec Serial Diluter removes the risk of inaccurate bacterial counts that may compromise food quality testing and also eliminates RSI risk.


Research Project Explores New Genera for Probiotics

NCIMB and Probiotics International collaborate to explore the potential of new genera in the development of novel probiotic food supplements and functional food products.

Ridastamp ready to use contact plates

RIDA®STAMP – Agar Plates for Direct Stamps – Now Available!

RIDA®STAMP are specially designed ready-to-use plates filled with specific agar, providing complete contact to a test surface – just open the plate, stamp, close lid, incubate and count!

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