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Endotoxin assay failures

Common Causes of Endotoxin Assay Failures and How to Avoid Them

Possible reasons for Endotoxin assay failures include: negative control failures, poor coefficient of variation (%CV) and positive product control (PPC) failures.

Same Shift Total Counts

Same Shift Aerobic Bacteria Results - AOAC-RI PTM Certified

MicroSnap Total is a small, simple, low cost detection system that detects down to 1-10 bacteria in 7 hours, also detects high numbers in as little as 1 - 2 hours.

Doehler NBB®

NBB® – Fast and Reliable Detection of Beer Spoiling Microorganisms

NBB® – Ready-to-use culture media range allows fast and reliable detection of beer spoilage organisms, e.g. Lactobacilli, Pectinatus, Megasphaera in all samples arising in breweries.


INTEGRA Launch Explainer Video for Safety Bunsen Burner

FIREBOY Safety Bunsen Burner has been proven in thousands of installations worldwide to be intrinsically safe and extremely easy-to-use.


USDA adds bioMérieux TEMPO® System to Microbiology Laboratory Guidebook

Based on the MPN approach, the TEMPO automates testing of food for quality indicators such as TVC, Coliforms, E.coli, Enterobacteriaceae, Lactic acid bacteria, Staph. aureus, and yeasts/molds.


New Opti-Swab™ Brand Name Reflects Medical Professional’s Expectations

HydraFlock® swabs are now re-named as Opti-Swab™, still same combination of superior proprietary patented flocked fiber design with optimized liquid Amies medium.

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2nd Annual Microbiology & Infectious Diseases Asia Congress 2015

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