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biomerieux TEMPO

US Dairy Testing: NCIMS Approval for TEMPO® AC and TEMPO® CC Methods

With participation from NCIMS-approved laboratories, performance samples were tested with TEMPO® AC and TEMPO® CC tests against culture methods on films and standard plate methods.

DuPont BAX X5 for food pathogens

Introducing the New BAX® System X5. Fast, Accurate, Easy to Use

The new BAX® System X5 instrument is the latest addition to the award-winning BAX® System family, it's smaller lightweight construction provides greater testing flexibility.

3M Next Generation

3M Next Generation Assays for Detecting Foodborne Pathogens

Using a standard enrichment medium, the next generation assays for Listeria and Listeria monocytogenes provide a faster time-to-result after as little as 24 hours of enrichment, with 30 percent faster workflow.

Whitley H135 Hypoxystation

Fully Automated O2 Calibration System Launched

An easy to use oxygen calibration system for Whitley Workstations. The sensor is not removed during calibration ensuring that a stable environment is maintained during the calibration routine.

Microbial Air Samplers for Aseptic Production

The Importance of Proper Air Sampling in Controlled Environments

Recent incidence of vials contaminated with fungus produced at the PDS and administered to 6 clinical trial patients illustrates the importance of active microbial air monitoring in critical production environments.

Find the Solutions to Your Food Safety Challenges with Pall Corporation at IAFP 2015

Pall Corporation will present their full solutions to be your partner for brand protection at booth #619 at the 2015 IAFP, Portland, GeneDisc®, Sentino® and filtration solutions.

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