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Accurate ATP Test Kits
Neogen’s AccuPoint® Advanced ATP Sanitation Monitoring System is the first to receive an AOAC approval, following a study by NSF International.
Simple pipette with 2 fixed volumes
One pipette, one tip, two volumes - dispense 1ml for pour plates and 0.1 ml for the spread plates then prepare next serial dilution.
prevent false positives in pathogen testing
The latest issue of Romer Labs' Spot On Diagnostic Solutions magazine looks at how phages can be used to prevent false positives, rapid on-site pathogen monitoring plus 8 myths of pathogen detection.
Media ISO11133:2014
Liofilchem manufactures a range dehydrated and prepared culture media for food and water microbiology, providing full traceability and validation data to help meet ISO 11133:2014 requirements.
Ready to use dry film plates yeast and moulds
Now available from R-Biopharm, the ready-to-rehydrate Compact Dry YMR plates detect yeast and molds (which appear as blue/blue-green colonies) in foods, beverages and surface swabs.
Triple Headed Microbial Air Sampler for Cleanrooms
The three sampling heads of the Trio Bas family of air samplers allow air sampling at the beginning, middle, and end of a run or allow different media to be used simultaneously.

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