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Elitech Aerospray

ELITechGroup Releases its Latest Slide-staining System in the TB area.

ElitechGroup has updated its entire line of series 1 Aerospray® strainers to the new series 2 design. The Aerospray Gram model, followed by the Aerospray Hematology Stat and Pro models and now Aerospray® TB stainer.


Food-borne Viruses: What Risk for Which Food Sample?

Ceeram will be chairing a roundtable discussion at the IAFP Europe discussing ‘Food-borne Viruses: What Risk for Which Food Sample?’.


Ceeram Launch Range of CE Marked RT-PCR and MLVA Kits at ECCMID

This year’s ECCMID meeting is the venue for the European launch of the ceeramTool ®range of CE marked RT-PCR and MLVA kits for molecular detection of Gastroenteritis and Enteric Viruses, Nosocomial Infections, Public Health and Animal Health.

Lab M

Lab M Launches Pinnacle™ Pre-poured Plates

In a move that marks a significant extension to its range of ready prepared microbiological culture media , Lab M has launched the Pinnacle™ brand, a new line of pre-poured plates.

Integra Pipettes

Lightweight Electronic Pipettes

VIAFLO II electronic pipettes with INTEGRA’s range of GripTip pipette tips form the perfect pipetting system. GripTips snap into place with minimal tip loading effort, giving a secure connection. GripTips never fall off, always perfectly aligned.

TSC Swabs

TSC PreMoist Hygiene Swabs Save Time

TSC pre-moistened sampling swabs offer end-users a convenient and simple sampling method to confirm the presence of microorganisms on equipment and critical surfaces giving greater brand protection, helping to minimise exposure to potential recalls.

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