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Low Endotoxin Recovery FAQs
To help QC professionals manage the Low Endotoxin Recovery (LER) phenomenon, Lonza have added a Frequently Asked Questions Technical Tip sheet to their QC Insider™ Toolbox. an internet portal designed to provide expert online support.
Support the development of molecular-based tools with quantitative synthetic RNA
BioMerieux products for veterinary diagnostics
On booth #4 at the 4th EAVLD congress, bioMérieux will be showing their range for veterinary diagnostics including: automated media prep, ready-to-use culture media, automated Gram stainer, identification solutions, antibiotic susceptibility and hormone analysis.
Dupont Bax X5
The BAX® System X5 from DuPont Nutrition & Health provides fast and accurate pathogen detection in a smaller format. With room for 32 samples, it is a reliable, genetics-based testing solution that is ideal for many food companies, contract labs and government agencies.
Biological Indicators
Meet the requirements of USP, EP and DAB regulations for the validation, qualification and monitoring of sterilization processes with Liofilchem® Biological Indicators, available in ampoules, self-contained, strip, suspension and coupon formats.
Benchtop pipetting system for 1536 wells
Don't have enough plates to justify a fully automated robotic liquid handling system but need to run assays in 1536-well plates? INTEGRA has a new plate holder that handles 1536-well pipetting using the adaptable, easy-to-use benchtop VIAFLO 384.

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