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INTERSCIENCE Microbiology Testing from Sample to Result
Watch this video to see how INTERSCIENCE designs, develops and manufactures products in their factory in Mourjou, France. The range is intended to improve workflow in the microbiology lab - from sample to result.
Test for Salmonella on Surface Swab
InSite™ Salmonella combines both swab, pre-enrichment and selective enrichment in a single self-contained swab device to provide a quick, easy and cost effective solution for testing environmental surfaces giving results in 24 hours.
Swab Rinse Kit COPAN
With a pre-moistened swab, packaged in an easily transported plastic tube with a capture cap, COPAN’s SRK (Swab Rinse Kit) simplifies microbiological examination of surfaces.
Spreaders, Loops and Petri Dishes for Microbiology
Gosselin present a line of consumables including petri dishes, inoculating loops, spreaders for a beginning to end solution for quality testing labs across industry segments.
Genuine ATCC Cultures from LGC-ATCC
Since 1925, ATCC® has set the standard for the manufacture, characterization, preservation, storage and distribution of biological materials. With more than 85,000 microbial strains, ATCC® has the knowledge, experience and meticulous methodologies.
iQ Check PCR for Salmonella Typhimurium
Identification of Salmonella Typhimurium to meet regulations is now easy and efficient with iQ-Check® S. Typhimurium

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