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Microbiologics Launches Business Solutions Division

Partnering with diagnostic and life science technology manufacturers to develop customized QC controls - live and inactivated cultures, synthetic nucleic acids and genome extracts.

ISO 11133:2014 Compliant media

Lab M Demonstrates Quality with Compliance to ISO 11133:2014

Lab M products are now compliant with the latest industry standards ISO 11133:2014, which apply to all types of media formulation for high quality results and batch-to-batch media consistency.

Fecal Swab

Standardize and Simplify Enteric Culture - FDA Cleared FecalSwab™

FecalSwab™ converts solid or semi-solid fecal specimens into a phase suitable for fully automatic specimen processors.

Puritan Flocked Swabs

Puritan’s Patented Flock Stands out in the Crowd — Set Apart by our Unique Fibers

Puritan’s HydraFlock® and PurFlock Ultra® flocked swabs, with over 11 patents worldwide are designed for superior sample collection and elution. It’s because of our proprietary flocking process, which creates a unique 3D microstructure.

Lab M Listeria

Full Lab M Listeria Testing Range Shown Together for the First Time

If you’re looking for Listeria, Lab M can help with wide range of solutions from enrichment broths to confirmation, regardless of method or lab size. The whole range can be viewed in single flyer including the new Listeria Express Enrichment broth.

Differentiate 3 Vibrios on one plate

Differentiate the Big 3 Vibrio Pathogens on One Plate!

HardyCHROM™ Vibrio is the only media that can differentiate V. vulnificus from V. parahaemolyticus and V. cholerae for use with food and environmental samples.

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