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PhenoMATRIX - automated read, interpret and segregate bacterial cultures
PhenoMATRIX™ is a sophisticated suite of algorithms that uses AI to automatically count and recognize organisms, giving microbiology labs the ability to read, interpret and segregate bacterial cultures with the click of a button.
Data Integrity in endotoxin testing
Lonza's new FAQ Tech Tip provides a detailed description of data integrity, its requirements and what they mean, as well as guidance for ensuring compliance in endotoxin testing.
Innovative media for beverage microbiology
For ready-to-use culture media and rapid solutions for microbial detection in all major beverages like beer, non alcoholic beverages, juice, water and others, Döhler now offers online ordering with payments by credit card and PayPal.
Rapid Yeast and Mold test for dairy
The GreenLight® detection platform from MOCON allows dairies to release product (such as yogurt, soft cheese and cream) in approximately 18 hours with confidence that it does not contain yeast/mold spoilage organisms.
Sterile single use template for environmental monitoring of surfaces
Single use, sterile 10 x 10cm sampling templates from Technical Service Consultants can be used with either swabs or sponges for environmental monitoring of surfaces in food processing, cleanroom or other critical environments. Templates ensure a defined and standardised surface area is sampled.
Triple wrapped TSB media for media fill simulation
Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) Pharmacy Unit and Cherwell jointly published white paper and poster details development of new multilayer packaging of medium to prevent spore contamination prior to compounder validation.

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