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Ensuring Data Integrity by Automated Microbiology Testing - Whitepaper

Microbiology is largely believed to be the last bastion of manual sampling and handling, giving it the reputation of being far from any possible data integrity friendly solution. This is not necessarily true however. Data integrity is a company

Run your Facility. Don’t Let it Run You.

Concerned about maintaining your data integrity compliance status? Managing your equipment fleet? Upcoming regulatory inspections? You’re supposed to run your facility, not the other way around. As an all-encompassing endotoxin test

New Automation Friendly Reservoirs Save Reagents & Reduce Plastic Waste

INTEGRA has expanded its Clear Advantage™ product family to include innovative automation friendly reagent reservoirs that result in the lowest possible dead volume – saving on reagents – reduce plastic waste and simultaneously give scientists

Just Released in the QC Insider™ Toolbox! Data Integrity FAQs Tech Tip

QC professionals know that data integrity is a fundamental component of quality control processes in the pharmaceutical industry. Do you know if you’re compliant in your endotoxin testing? Our new Data Integrity FAQs Tech Tip, released in

Convenient Indicator Organism Testing

Why stick to traditional media plates if there is an alternative available which can improve your workflow, while providing accurate and reliable results? Simply inoculate by adding your sample - no spreading required, and the sample will

bioMérieux 3P® Irradiated Plates for Clean Areas

  Dedicated to ensure patient health, we have developed environmental monitoring solution adapted to biopharmaceutical industry. This 3P® range is made to guarantee you complete safety. Irradiated CT and TSA 3P go through à specific

FDA-licensed PTS™ Cartridges for Endotoxin Testing in 15 Mins

  We’ve refined our FDA-licensed PTS™ cartridges to require 20 times less raw material than conventional assays, so that responsibility, rather than demand, can continue to guide our operations. Continuing our commitment to conservation,

Fast Volume Setting Manual Pipette Reduces RSI

      The EVOLVE manual pipette range from INTEGRA features three adjustable dials to rapidly set volumes. This revolutionary approach reduces repetitive stress injuries and allows users to set volumes in a fraction of the

bioMérieux’s Updated Food Microbiology Pathway

bioMérieux will showcase the Updated Food Microbiology Pathway Featured in the bioMérieux booth will be our latest solutions for simplifying your lab's workflow, increasing efficiency and reliability, and adding confidence to your quality

The original Milliflex® touch-free membrane transfer - easy, clean and highly efficient.

  Because you’ve got a lot on your hands. The original Milliflex® touch-free membrane transfer - easy, clean and highly efficient. When it comes to bioburden testing, membrane filtration is the method of choice. However, it does not

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