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Rapid Methods for Total Viable Counts in Food and Beverages

TVCfoodbeverage Review of range of rapid microbiology methods available for total viable counts or TVC which are limited, but several existing technologies have the potential to cut labour costs and reduce time to result.

Rapid Microbiological Methods for Pharmaceutical Laboratories

RapidMethodsPharma Overview of rapid microbiology methods (RMM) for pharmaceutical microbiology laboratories with supplier details and description of novel approaches.

Rapid Microbiological Testing of Filterable Products

Filterables There is considerable demand for microbiological analysis of filterable samples in manufacturing sectors other than the water industry, notably pharmaceuticals and beverages. Conventional methods developed for testing ...

Ready-to-use Media

OxoidDrybags Ready-to-use Media:Traditional and Novel Formats Key Points Reduced overheads Lab can focus on core business Easier regulatory conformance Improved lab ...

Respiratory Viruses Rapid Detection

respiratoryvirus Rapid methods for the detection of respiratory viruses are based either on immunological, or on molecular techniques.

Sampling and Testing Sterile Products

SterileProducts Key Points Microbiological testing of sterile products in the pharmaceutical industry remains a regulatory requirement, despite the limitations of sterility tests. “Absence of evidence does not equal evidence of ...

Stock Culture Maintenance and Storage

Stock cultures Review of how to effectively maintain microbiological stock cultures, cryogenic storage media in tubes avoid repeated subculturing.

Swabs - Capture, Maintain and Release!

swab Key Points Efficient collection and release of microorganisms Preserve the microbiological population from sampling to the bench

UHT Food and Beverage Microbiology

UHT Review of microbiology rapid methods for the detection of spoilage of UHT foods and beverages - pre-incubation times, microbial detection, HACCP and automation.

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