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Enteric Viruses Rapid Detection and Identification

rotavirus Review of rapid methods to detect Enteric viruses including Rotavirus and Norovirus in food and clinical samples, newer molecular methods offer easy time saving techniques that do not require a lot training.

Environmental Monitoring - Identify, Track and Trend Microbial Isolates

EM track and trend Key points An effective environmental monitoring program is a regulatory requirement for manufacturers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors All microbial isolates from manufacturing facilities should ...

GMO Food Testing Techniques

GMO real time PCR kits GMO in the World

Helicobacter pylori Detection in Clinical Specimens

Helicobacterpylori Non-invasive methods offer significant cost savings over invasive endoscopy with new rapid methods giving high sensitivity and specificity, stool and breath tests are also available.

Home and Beauty Products - Rapid Micro Methods

HomeBeauty Key Points Standard methods culture-based, labour-intensive and can take up to five days to produce a result. Modern production management systems are changing to require faster results.. The trend towards ...

Lateral Flow Immunoassays

Lateral Strip Based Immunoassays Key Points Simple to use Results can be available within 15 minutes Low cost with no requirement for additional equipment Stable and robust in ...

Legionella Detection and Identification Methods

Legionella1 Test kits for detection of Legionella in water and clinical specimens.

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