BIOTECON Diagnostics GmbH

Company Overview

Develops, manufactures and markets innovative sample prep solutions and PCR reagents for a range of food pathogens, GMO and Beer Spoilage Organisms as well as real-time PCR screening systems for hygiene monitoring in the pharmaceutical environment. Offers contract development and custom service lab solutions. Also offers robotic workstations for automated pathogen detection.

Company Information

BIOTECON Diagnostics was founded in 1998 and currently has 50 employees. The company provides superior experience in microbiological service testing of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics products.

The company's focus is the development of rapid and innovative detection systems for pathogenic, spoilage and genetically modified organisms (GMO) based on real-time PCR. The foodproof© product line includes detection kits as well as sample preparation kits for the extraction and purification of DNA from multiple food matrices.

As an international biotechnology company, BIOTECON Diagnostics has been developing, producing and marketing these products through a continually growing network of local distributors and worldwide sales channel partners.

Additionally the company offers the new foodproof© RoboPrep+ Series as the first commercially available system for automated food sample preparation and subsequent PCR setup. It has been developed as a cost-effective tool for food pathogen testing, reducing hands-on time and increasing lab efficiency.

Due to close contacts to many companies in the industry, BIOTECON Diagnostics is well aware of customers current and future challenges. The company is able to provide flexible solutions to production and processing companies through new and economical approaches. Furthermore, BIOTECON Diagnostics also offers contract validation, contract development and production to other biotech companies.

For safer food: BIOTECON Diagnostics - simply builds up trust.

BIOTECON Diagnostics GmbH supplies products for:

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