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Vitroids™ Certified Reference Microorganisms Sigma-Aldrich

VitroidsVitroids™ - Certified Reference Microorganisms

  • defined CFU
  • unique low Standard Deviation (down to 4% at a level of 100 CFU)
  • long shelf life
  • Easy to use
  • All the Value You Need!
Vitroids™ discs contain viable microorganisms in a certified quantity (ISO 17025), produced under reproducible conditions (ISO Guide 34) with strains obtained from ATCC and NCTC .

The discs consist of bacteria or fungi in a solid water soluble matrix. Microorganisms in this form are extremely stable, are in a highly viable stage and no recovery time is needed.

Forget the work and costs associated with doing your own stock and working culture for quality control - just use a Vitroids™ disc at a price which allows you to do it on a daily basis.

Applications for use:

    • As reference strains in routine quality control, for food, beverage, water and environmental testing
    • For method development and validations


  • As cultures used in research studies



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(Valid until Dec. 31, 2013; Limit one package per product and per customer; no shipping fee, attention Germany and Austria can't be delivered up to the end of 2013)

Tags: QC Organisms, Fungi

Date Published: September 16, 2013

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